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Maps and Views of France

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"France with its Acquired Territories in Germany, and the Netherlands. By T. Jefferys, Geographer to His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales"

Has inset maps of the Harbors of Toulon and Brest


"Bay of Biscay and Lower Brittany by Thomas Jefferys"

Upper half of plate contains nine views of "The Cardinals"


"A View of the Royal Palace of Fontainebleau"


"A Map of the Island of Corsica"

Birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte, published in last year of Corsican independence and two years before the birth of Napoleon


"A Draught of the Road and Harbour of Brest with the Adjacent Coast"


"A Map of the Coast of France from Rochelle & Rochfort with the Island of Re Oleron & Aix"


"A Genuine Plan of Cherburg with the Fortification as intended to be finished according to the Design of Mr de Caux."


"The Coast of Britany between St. Malo's and Cancale Bay, Where the English Army Landed June 1758."


"A Complete Chart of the Coast of France. From Ostend, to Cape Finisterra, Including the Opposite Coast, of the British Channel."


Fort Fouras and Coastal Vicinity

Decorated with two stern views of a ship showing how it is vulnerable to shore guns at two water levels.


"The Roads, of Toulon, with the Adjacent Country"

View of port fortifications that young artillery captain Napoleon Bonaparte (born in year this map issued) made famous 34 years later in 1793.


"Plan of Havre de Grace" and "The Bombardment of Havre de Grace July 4th 1759" and English Channel


"Plan of Dunkirk, with the Canal of Mardick, as they were in 1757"

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