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Connecticut Historical Memorabilia

This section of the web site is devoted to autographs, documents, prints, books, pamphlets and other memorabilia of the history of the State of Connecticut, our home state. Connecticut is a small state but it played a large role in the nations early history, including the Revolutionary War, Founding Period and Civil War.

After the Battles of Lexington and Concord Connecticut in 1775 was quick to raise troops that participated in critical battles such as those at Bunker Hill in Boston, Fort Ticonderoga and even in Canada. Once American Independence was declared Connecticut led by patriot Governor Jonathan Trumbull was a critical supplier of men and war materials, including food and ammunition, to George Washington's Continental Army. Connecticut was invaded during the war, most notably in New London (Fort Trumbull) and Groton (Fort Griswold) by a British force led by the traitor and Connecticut native Benedict Arnold. Revolutionary War heroes included Generals Israel Putnam, Thomas Knowlton, Jedidiah and Jabez Huntington and Nathan Hale.

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After the war Connecticut made important contributions to the formation of the nation through the Articles of Confederation, Continental Congress and in the creation and early administration of the United States Constitution. Oliver Ellsworth, Roger Sherman, Oliver Wolcott (Junior and Senior), Jedidiah Huntington and other Connecticut citizens were important men in America's Founding Period. During this period Connecticut also went through an internal revolution which overturned the state religion (the Congregational Church) and separated its legislative, executive and judicial functions through the new 1818 Constitution.

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Connecticut made very important contributions to maintaining the union during the Civil War and ending slavery through its civil government led by Governor William Buckingham, its manufacturing of important war materials (e.g., Colt firearms) and the efforts of soldiers of all ranks.  Gideon Welles served in Abraham Lincoln's cabinet as Secretary of Navy and Union Generals such as Alfred Terry and John Sedgwick distinguished themselves on the battlefield.

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The 20th Century saw the growth of Connecticut's industrial capacity and participation in the two World Wars and the fight against Communism in which the state's defense industries played a prominent role. Connecticut politicians also participated in the issues of the day on both a state and national level.

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Items Spanning Historical Eras
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Spectacular Birds-Eye View of the City of Hartford in 1864 by John Bachmann

Very Rare Print of 1861 of Putnam Phalanx In Front of Old State House in Hartford


Connecticut Register and Manual 1800-2002

"Connecticut Historical Collections" by John Barber

 published in various editions 1836-1838

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