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Antique Maps and City Views

Maps and city views are a wonderful record of the history of a country or locale. Our selection includes maps going back to 1736 covering areas throughout the world. Most of our maps are copper engravings from the 1700s but there are also some maps and city views from the 1800s. Most of the maps offered here that were published in the 1700s came from the renowned British publication, Gentleman's Magazine, and the maps from the 1800s come primarily from United States government exploration reports.

The size of the maps listed in each description are the dimensions listed in the Antique Map Price Record (AMPR). AMPR says the dimensions "are usually for the the outer neat line, but in some cases may represent the plate mark size, or the paper size." The paper sizes of all the maps listed here are larger than the listed dimensions. We put a lot of effort into taking accurate pictures that allow you to judge the condition yourself, so there is little description of condition in the listings. The indexes for each category have smaller map pictures which may not show the map margins, but the more detailed description usually has a picture that shows the full margins on the map. If you wish more information about either the dimensions or the condition of a particular map please send us an email.

A note on the pictures: Most of the maps have the same lightly browned antique color but because of the difference in map sizes the pictures were taken by three different devices (a scanner and two digital cameras) that give a different color and texture to the maps. The maps that look whiter are usually not, it is just a product of the higher intensity light used in capturing the image.

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Below are a few of our recent acquisitions. Click on them to get to the map details.