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United States and Canada

Maps and Views



"The British Governments in Nth. America Laid down Agreeable to the Proclamation of Octr. 7. 1763"

Map shows shortened state boundaries resulting from the King's proclamation that prohibited settlers west of the Alleghany Mountains, disappointing the aspirations of many Americans. Note odd shape of Pennsylvania.

Nicely detailed inset map of Bermuda


Louisiana, Virginia & Carolina

This rare early map pictures the East Coast south of New England and Louisiana (then Spanish territory) which included much of Western United States, including parts of New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming and Montana in addition to all of the current states of Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Ohio, Kansas, Nebraska and North and South Dakota.


"A Map of the New Governments, of East & West Florida"

Map has inset of Pensacola area and pictures the Bahamas and a part of Cuba.



"A Map of that Part of America where a Degree of Latitude was Measured for the Royal Society: By Cha. Mason, & Jere. Dixon"

Famous Mason Dixon Line map pictures area from Philadelphia to the mouth of the James River, including Baltimore, Annapolis, Dover and Cape May


"A Map of Part of West Florida, from Pensacola to the Mouth of the Iberville River, with a View to Shew the Proper Spot for a Settlement on the Mississipi"

Map shows not only the western part of Florida but the southern portions of the current states of Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana



"A Map of 100 Miles round Boston"

Area Includes Lexington and Concord Immediately After Those Battles Started the Revolutionary War



"A New and Correct Plan of the Town of Boston"



"A Plan of the Town and Chart of the Harbour of Boston Exhibiting a View of the Islands Castle Forts and Entrances into the Said Harbour"




"Map of Philadelphia and Parts Adjacent"

Classic Scull and Heap Map Published During Revolutionary War



"A Chart of Delaware Bay and River, from the Original by Mr. Fisher of Philadelphia, 1776"

Map shows the mouth of the Delaware River up to Philadelphia, an area the British cleared to secured supplies for its occupation of Philadelphia in the Revolutionary War


"A View of the Fall of Niagara"

Interesting early view of Niagara Falls, a tourist attraction before the Revolutionary War. This print pictures the tourists as well as Indians climbing a ladder between the falls.


"A View of the Bay of Gaspe in the Government of Quebec, Situate in the Gulf of St Laurence"



"The Siege of Rhode Island, Taken from Mr. Brindley's House, on the 25th of August, 1778"


John Cary Map of Northeast America and Canada

"A New Map of Part of the United States of North America, Containing those of New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia"

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