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Maps of Russia

 Click on the pictures or titles below to bring up a higher resolution map with more information, price and a PayPal button to purchase the map via credit card or bank transfer.


Boundary of Old Russian and Turkish Empires

Map shows Ukraine, Dnieper River, Tartar and Don Kosak areas and boundaries of Russia and Turkey before 1735-1739 Russo-Turkish War


"An Exact Map of the Crim, (Formerly Taurica Chersonesus) Part of Lesser Tartary, the Sea of Asoph, and the Adjacent Country of the Kuban Tartars; as Laid Down by the Czarina's Geographers; Exhibiting the March of the Russian Armies"

Southern Russia Crimean area


"Plan of St Petersburg; with it's Fortifications, Built by Peter the Great in 1703 [on sheet with] The Harbour of Crownslot River Neva, Canal Made from the Said River to the R. Wolschowa"


"A New & Accurate Map of the Krim Tartary, the Sea of Azof, and Parts of the Rivers Dneper, Bog and Kuban"

Larger John Lodge map of contested area of the Crimean area of Russia including parts of the Ukraine and Turkey

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