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Winslow Homer Civil War Wood Engravings

Harper's Weekly became exceptionally valuable as the journal of record during the civil war with its many correspondents and graphic artists, including the famous Winslow Homer and A. R. Waud, and a bevy of wood block engravers to quickly translate their work into print so readers could read AND SEE what was happening on the battle front and the home front.

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Winslow Homer's most famous Civil War engraving 

   "The Army of the Potomac - A Sharp-Shooter On Picket Duty."

Crew of the United States Steam-Sloop "Colorado"



The Surgeon At Work At The Rear During An Engagement

The Union Cavalry And Artillery Starting In Pursuit Of The Rebels Up The Yorktown Turnpike



The Seceding Mississippi Delegation in Congress

The Georgia Delegation In Congress 

Double Folio Wood Engravings

"The War For The Union, 1862 - A Bayonet Charge"

"The War For The Union, 1862 - A Cavalry Charge"

News From The War

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