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Miscellaneous Maps of Europe

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"A Plan of the City of Prague, with the French and Austrian Camps [on sheet with] City of Egra. Describ'd in Octr. Mag. P.530 [and] Southern View of Prague [and] Maria Teresa Q. of Hungary Born May 13th. 1717"


"A Chart of the Baltic Sea, Gulfs of Finland and Bothnia, with the Sound, Drawn from the Best Maps & Charts by T. Jefferys, Geographer to His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales"

 Map shows details the Scandinavian coasts of Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland as well as the Baltic republics and Germany


"A New & Correct Chart of Europe by Thomas Jefferys, Geographer to his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales"

Impressive larger map of Europe at the start of the Seven Years War


"Spain and Portugal [on sheet with] A Map of the Mouth of the River Tagus, or Harbour of the City of Lisbon"

Nice inset map of Lisbon area and Belem Castle


"Map of the several Countries thro' which the Russians are to pass in their March to Prussia"

Map includes the Baltic Republics of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and part of Poland, Sweden and Germany


"A View of the Bay of Santerini, with a Burning-Island, which Lately Rose out of the Sea"

Santerini Bay is in Greece. The burning island was created by volcanic action.


"A Plan of Constantinople, Places Adjacent and Canal of the Black Sea"

John Lodge map pictures current day Istanbul, Turkey and surrounding area.


"An Accurate Map of the Seat of War in the Mediterranean Including the Morea and Archipelago"

Map pictures Greece and part of Turkey and the Balkans


"A New and Accurate Map of Turkey in Europe, Drawn from the Best Authorities, and Engrav'd for the Supplement to the Gent. Mag. 1770"

Present Day Greece, Albania, Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro and parts of Southern Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Ukraine

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