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Maps and Views of Great Britain

Click on the pictures or titles below to bring up a higher resolution map with more information, price and a PayPal button to purchase the map via credit card or bank transfer.


"A Map of the Countries Adjacent to Carlisle Shewing the Route of the Rebels with their Principal Fords over ye Rr. Eden"

Wonderful historic map shows view of Carlisle Castle with damage from the siege by the supporters of Charles Edward Stuart (aka "Bonnie Prince Charlie" or "The Young Pretender") and map showing the "Pretenders Lodging" and other scenes from the Second Jacobite Rebellion.


"A Plan of London and Westminster Shewing the Forts Erected by Order of the Parliament in 1643 & the Desolation by the Fire in 1666."

London and its defenses on the eve of the Civil War


"Map of the Black Lead Mines &c. in the Cumberland"

Map accompanied by engravings of three coins and a Bourse fish


"A Correct Chart of the Irish Sea, &c. Exhibiting a View of the Several Islands & Bays, Lately Touch'd at by M. Thurot, in his Attempt upon Ireland"


"An Accurate Map of the Country Sixteen Miles Round London Drawn and Engrav'd from an Actual Survey"

Four maps when joined together show London and the area 16 miles around it in 1764.


English Canal Maps 1771 to 1779  
English Road Maps 1755 to 1774