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Connecticut Registers

The Connecticut Registers shown above run from 1800 to 1847 (1st row) and 1848 to 1879 (back row) and were privately published. Below are the Registers from 1880 through 2002, with the later years having the familiar look of what is now called the Blue Book, the Connecticut Register and Manual, a state published book.

    The Connecticut Registers have a wealth of information about the State of Connecticut and are a tremendous historical and genealogical resource. In the early years every lawyer, doctor and clergyman in the state is named along with all the state and local officials. There is an annual almanac, information on New England colleges, toll roads, excise taxes, currency conversions, and details too numerous to mention.  Currently on the internet, a 1775 volume goes for $750 and a 1798 volume sells for $450. The early 1800s are very rare; it seems that people started preserving them only after the 1850s, so libraries selling off their old books is the only current source of the early volumes. The ones I am offering for sale vary in price from a high of about $200 to a low of $10. You can see an example of one of the earlier volumes (1819, unique because of Constitutional Convention) at this link. You can call or email for prices and availability on other years.