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Winslow Homer Matted Wood Engraving

"The Bathers"

This 1873 classic by Winslow Homer has two young bathing beauties in step. The engraving is in excellent condition with full borders (show below in a scan) and without tears or discoloration. As usual, the pictures do not give the engraving full justice.

Philip Beam in his book on Homer's wood engravings writes that Homer noticed the first widespread liberation of women after the Civil War and that "young women insisted upon enjoying life in many directions:

Out of this revolution in social attitudes Homer drew a large number of subjects for engravings which are still conspicuous in his work as a whole. Typical expressions of the new mores are ...The Bathers. The ever-present element in these pictures is the pretty girl. The Bathers is plainly what we would call today a "cover girl" scene.

Gordon Hendricks in "The Life and Work of Winslow Homer" captions his picture of this engraving with this notation: "Although the composition is remarkable, the figures are 'camp' to us."

Below is a picture of this great print as it will come to you matted and enclosed in a protective plastic sleeve.

Price: $275

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