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August 1776 Publication of Declaration of Independence

Very Early Publication of Foundation Document of American History

Includes "Proceedings in the American Colonies" Regarding Independence Movement and Debates in Parliament regarding British Attempts to Suppress Rebellion

Reviews Gibbon's "History of the Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire"


     This is the August 1776 issue of Gentleman's Magazine which includes a very early publication of one of the most important documents of the American Founding, the Declaration of Independence.  It also includes much related material and gives the full flavor of the controversy as it was developing.  Reports are included on the state of the rebellion in America as well as the debates in Parliament for and against British efforts to stop American independence.  The pictures below provide excerpts from the volume.  The pages are a uniform lightly browned color but the varying lighting and digital cameras used make the pictures above and below differ in color.

Below is the top of the index on the front page mentioning both the Declaration and Debates in Parliament.

Below is the start of the Declaration followed by its end with the signature of John Hancock noted.

The magazine has a considerable report of what is happening in America and starts with a note on the Declaration, referring to it as "that desperate measure":

The magazine notes the capture of the Loyalist New Jersey Governor, Ben Franklin's son, and holds out hope that Americans will join with British forces and "give proofs of their loyalty and zeal for Government":

The magazine gives an account of what was happening from Boston to Virginia and the status of British naval forces in America.

Below are excepts from the debates in Parliament included in the August 1776 issue, with many eloquent expressions of opposition to the British actions toward America.

Not pictured but included in the volume is a review of the first volume of Edward Gibbon's "History of the Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire" which was published in 1776.

This is a great issue of Americana and a very economical way to purchase a very early publication of the Declaration of Independence. American newspaper publication of the Declaration in the summer of 1776 costs many thousands of dollars more.  Hughes Rare Newspapers regularly sells this disbound issue of the Gentleman's Magazine for more than $3,500 and they are very hard to find  these days.


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