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 1791 through 1795 Annual Register

1st Edition Set Covering French Revolution

This first edition set of Annual Registers covering the years 1791 though 1795 have as their highlight detailed coverage of the French Revolution. There is fine contemporary coverage of the events in France and throughout the world, including even some coverage of the first administration of George Washington in the United States.

The writers of this volume in England were very concerned about the plaque of the Revolution spreading to England (Edmund Burke and his friends were among those most concerned), and that combined with the subsequent war with England that the Revolution produced led to highly detailed coverage of the political developments within France. Despite all the high sounding ideals, there was no real freedom in France during the Revolution for dissenters from the Revolutionary orthodoxy, whether Royalists on the right or Communists on the left. Those dissenters were hunted down and killed so no real press freedom existed in France, making these Annual Registers one of the best contemporary sources of information on the French Revolution.

Below are some excerpts from the table of contents showing the coverage of the French Revolution, including the capture of the Bastille, the murder of the Swiss royal guards, the execution of the King and then, when the excesses of the Guillotine were near their end, the execution of Robespierre. 

As mentioned above, developments around the world were covered, including the George Washington administration in the United States, a below is an excerpt from on of President Washington's speeches referring to the start of the Bank of America and treaties with Indian nations.

Below are the title pages from the first and last volumes of this set.

The set of five volumes is uniformly and recently bound with gilt titles and they make a nice presentation. In addition to the French Revolution and military and political developments around the world, there is considerable coverage of science, exploration (including Captain Cook's voyages), and literature, both poems and books.

Price: $450

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