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 1758 through 1820 Annual Register Set

Forty Two (42) of Sixty Four (64) Books First Editions Including 1775 through 1798!

Offered here is a complete set of the 64 Annual Registers covering 63 years from 1758 through 1820 with a valuable 42  books (41 years) being first editions. And among the first editions is an unbroken run from 1775 though 1798 that covers the entire Revolutionary War and the founding of the American nation! Please see the descriptions of the individual years covered for more information on the contents of these volumes.

The differences is numbers of books (64)  and years covered (63) is because there are two books each (Part I and Part II) for the years 1792 and 1820 and the years 1784 and 1785 are covered in one book. The books are in a variety of conditions, most have labels, but some don't, as shown above, and a few have detached covers and one cover is missing.  An inventory of editions with some condition comments is provided here. See also the pictures above.

The forty two first editions alone are worth the price of this set, for they include the entire Revolutionary War and the 1776 and 1787 volumes which include the first publication in England of the Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation and the United States Constitution.

Price: $2,800

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