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The Regal and Ecclesiastical Antiquities of England: Containing the Representation  of all the English Monarchs from Edward the Confessor to Henry the Eighth, 1777, Joseph Strutt, London

60 Copper Plate Engravings of English Notables and Historical Events with Explanations

Chaucer, Becket, William the Conqueror and Many Others

    This unique 1777 book has sixty (60) copper plate engravings plus 119 pages of text describing each plate, plus an index and catalogue of plates. The book has the bookplate with coat of arms of John Warrender, Esq., the 2nd Baron Bruntisfield. Despite the title this book contains far more than English kings. It includes Joseph Strutt's engravings of other royalty as well as poets (e.g. Chaucer), historical events (e.g. the murder of Thomas Becket) and the curiosities like the method of resolving disputes by battle. Each of the plates has a tissue guard, the 1777 equivalent of onionskin made, however, with handmade laid paper.

Below is an engraving of King Edward the Confessor with an interesting banquet story related below the engraving.

Soon after Edward the Confessor died William the Conqueror's Norman invasion in 1066 took over England in the clash at Runnymede depicted below and explained.

Literary characters included in this volume include Geoffrey Chaucer, author of the famous Canterbury Tales, and John Gower.

The ladies are not ignored, a variety of queens and other royalty are pictured


Archbishop of Canterbury Thomas Becket's murder at the suggestion of King Henry II ("Will no one will rid me of this turbulent priest?) is shown in this book.

These pictures and descriptions give a good idea of the contents of this historic volume. It is in nice condition.

Price: $250

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